Solid Growth, Backed By Experience and Success

You may have been interested in franchising, but thought it was a bit too much or weren’t sure if it was for you. You’re not alone. But as you’ll find out as a franchise owner with Circle K, you’ll quickly learn that every step along the way is supported by a team that exists to provide the tools, support, and knowledge that will help you become as successful as the others who have also taken that first step.

Proven. Profitable. Dynamic.


Surrounded By Success In Everything We Do

At Circle K, opportunity abounds at every turn. The only question is, are you ready to take the first step toward success?

  • Internationally recognized, growth-oriented brand
  • Wide-ranging products available to match your neighborhood and community
  • Strong local and national advertising and marketing support
  • Established operational playbook, including financial and management support
  • Experienced and accessible leadership teams


Learn why other entrepreneurs, just like you, chose to become a Circle K franchisees.

Qualifying is fast and efficient, as long as you have a proven record of business managerial experience and meet other criteria for success as a Circle K franchise owner. Contact our team for more specific information and to learn about financial requirements, as well.

Plenty Of Locations, Right Around The Corner

Finding your nearest store means finding the fastest, tastiest treats, probably within a stone’s throw of where you are searching right now.